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Diet & Fitness

5-HTP for Weight Control

5-Hydroxytryptophan for Weight Control

6 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

7-KETO for Weight Control

8 Secrets for Becoming Smoke-Free

Aches and Pains

Acid Test



Additives (Feingold Diet)

Additives (Food)

Addressing Hair Loss

Adjustment (Chiropractic)

Aging and Exercise

All About Organics

All About Weight Loss

Allergies & Diet

Allergy (Low) Diet

Allergy Season

Allergy-Triggering Foods

Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG) for Sports & Fitness

Ambient Buffets: Be a Guest at Your Own Party

American Ginseng for Sports & Fitness


Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Antioxidants for Sports & Fitness

Apophysitis (Tibial)

Arginine AKG (NO2 Compound) for Sports & Fitness

Arginine for Sports & Fitness

Arginine for Weight Control

Arnica 30X (Sports Homeopathy)

Arnica for Sports & Fitness



Ashtanga Yoga

Asian Ginseng for Sports & Fitness

Athlete’s Foot

Athletic Performance

Atkins Diet

Ayurvedic Herbs

Bach Flower Remedies


Beta-Sitosterol for Sports & Fitness


Bitter Orange for Weight Control

Blood Type Diet

Blue-Green Algae for Weight Control


Body Mass Index


Botanical Medicine

Bottled Water: What's the Difference?

Bowen Technique

Branched-Chain Amino Acids for Sports & Fitness

Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

Bromelain for Sports & Fitness




Calcium for Sports & Fitness

Carbohydrate-Loading Diet

Cayenne for Sports & Fitness

Cayenne for Weight Control

Cell Therapy

Chelation Therapy

Childhood Obesity

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Medicine (Traditional)


Chitosan for Weight Control

Chocolate (Dark)

Chondroitin Sulfate for Sports & Fitness

Chromium for Sports & Fitness

Chromium for Weight Control

CLA for Sports & Fitness

CLA for Weight Control

Coenzyme Q10 for Sports & Fitness

Cold Water

Coleus for Weight Control

Colon Therapy


Compare Diets

Complementary Therapies

Concentrative Meditation

Conjugated Linoleic Acid for Weight Control

Contrast Baths

Cool Kids In The Kitchen

Cordyceps for Sports & Fitness

Corn-Free Diet

Creatine Monohydrate for Sports & Fitness

Cross Training: Variety Is the Spice of Life


Dairy-Free Diet

Dark Chocolate

Dean Ornish Diet

Deep Tissue Manipulation

Dehydroepiandrosterone for Weight Control

Designer Foods

Detoxification Therapy

DHEA for Sports & Fitness

DHEA for Weight Control

Diary (Food)

Diet Comparison

Diet Diary

Diet Drinks

Diet Foods

Diet Powders

Diet Right: Cut Calories, Not Nutrition

Diet Supplements

Dietary Concerns (Special )

Dietary Fiber

Disease Prevention

Does My Child Need Supplements?

Dry Skin and Winter

Eating (Healthy)

Eating Disorders

EDTA Chelation

Egg-Free Diet


Eleuthero for Sports & Fitness

Elimination Diet


Energy Bars

Energy Medicine

Eucalyptus for Sports & Fitness

Exercise Support

Exercise—a Key to Healthy Aging


Fasting Diet

Fat (Low) Diet

Feingold Diet

Fiber Diets

Fiber for Weight Control

Fiber in the Diet

Fill Up on Fiber

Fit and Trim


Fitness Supplements

Flower Remedies

Focused Imagery

Food Additives

Food Diary

Food for Men's Health

Food for Women's Health

Food Groups and the Food Pyramid

Food Labels

Food Tips

Full-Spectrum Lighting

Functional Foods

Fungal Infection (Foot)

Gamma Oryzanol for Sports & Fitness

Gastric (Stomach) Acid Testing

Get a Jumpstart on Your Hay Fever

Get Away to Good Health

Get Your Diet Back on Track

Give Spring Feasts a Personal Touch

Glucosamine for Sports & Fitness

Glutamine for Sports & Fitness

Gluten-Free Diet

Glycemic Index

Great Summer Picnic Recipes

Green Tea for Weight Control

Grocery Lists

Guaraná for Sports & Fitness

Guaraná for Weight Control

Guggul for Weight Control

Guided Imagery

Hair Loss

Harvest Meal

Harvest Meals

Hatha Yoga

Health Food (What Is It?)

Health Maintenance

Healthful Reasons to Fall in Love with Chocolate

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Guide

Healthy Foods for Your Family

Healthy Habits for Back to School

Heart Health and Romance

Heart-Healthy Foods

Heidelberg Capsule Test


Herbal Medicine


High Colonics

High-Fiber Diets

HMB for Sports & Fitness

HMB for Weight Control

Holiday Buffets

Holistic Health

Homeopathy for Sports

Hot Water

Housemaid’s Knee

How Do I Pick the Best Weight-Loss Diet?

How Do I Pick the Right Vitamins & Herbs?

How Do I Safely Exercise in the Sun?

How Much Should I Weigh?


Hydroxycitric Acid for Weight Control

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy



Hypoallergenic Diet

Imagery (Guided)

Injuries (Wounds)

Integrated Health

Ionized Air

Iron for Sports & Fitness

Iyengar Yoga

Joint Injuries

Kids In The Kitchen

L-Carnitine for Sports & Fitness

L-Tyrosine for Weight Control

Labels (Food)

Ligament Injuries

Light Therapy

Live Cell Therapy

Low-Allergen Diet

Low-Carb Diets

Low-Carbohydrate Diet

Low-Fat Diets

Low-Oxalate Diet

Low-Purine Diet

Low-Salt Diet

Macrobiotic Diet

Magnesium for Sports & Fitness

Manipulation (Spinal)


Meal Replacement Powders

Meal Substitutes


Medium-Chain Triglycerides for Sports & Fitness

Methoxyisoflavone for Sports & Fitness

Milk-Free Diet

Mind/Body Medicine

Mindfulness Meditation

Modified Diets

Movement Awareness

Muscle Injuries

Naturopathic Medicine

Negative Ions

Neurolinguistic Programming


Nourish Your Dry Winter Skin



Octacosanol for Sports & Fitness

Organic Dairy and Dairy Substitutes

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Organic Meat and Poultry


Ornish Diet

Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate for Sports & Fitness

Ornithine for Sports & Fitness

Orthomolecular Medicine

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Osteochondrosis (Tibial Tuberosity)

Oxygen Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Pack a Lunch That’s Sure to Please Your Kid


Phosphorus for Sports & Fitness

Physical Therapy


Plant Medicine

Pocket Meals

Polarity Therapy

Popular Supplements for Sports & Fitness

Popular Supplements for Weight Control

Positive Ions

Power Foods

Pregnancy & Supplement Safety

Pritikin Diet

Protein Powders

Protein Shakes


Pump Up Your Immune System

Purine (Low) Diet

Pyramid (Food Guide)

Pyruvate for Sports & Fitness

Pyruvate for Weight Control

Quick Ideas for Your Sweetheart’s Heart

Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Resources for Sports & Fitness

Resources for Weight Control

Ribose for Sports & Fitness

Salt-Restricted Diet

Secrets to Keep that Stellar Smile


Simple Steps to Save Face

Skin Wounds

Sodium-Restricted Diet

South Beach Diet

Soy and Protein Shakes

Soy Protein for Sports & Fitness

Soy Protein for Weight Control

Soy-Free Diet

Special Dietary Concerns

Spicy Meal Plan

Spinal Manipulation

Sports & Fitness Health Center

Sports & Fitness Supplements

Sports Drinks

Sports Gels

Sports Injuries

Sports Performance


Spring Meal Plan

Spring Meals

St. John’s Wort for Weight Control

Stomach Acid Testing


Summer BBQ

Summer by the Grill: Quick & Lean

Summer Snacking: Nibbles, Dips, and Small Bites

Superfoods to the Rescue

Supplement Safety Myths & Facts

Sustainable Seafood

Take Control of Your Allergies


Thanksgiving: Spotlight on Savory Side Dishes

The Lowdown on Natural Cold & Flu Treatments

Tibial Apophysitis

Tinea Pedis

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Top Anti-Aging Supplements

Top Supplements for Heart Health

Top Supplements for Men

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Transcendental Meditation

Trim Lifestyles

Trying to Lose Weight? Mother Nature Lends a Hand

Turn Autumn’s Harvest into Creative One-Dish Dinners

Tyramine-Free Diet

Upgrade Your Grocery List

Valentine's Meal Plan

Vegan Diet

Vegetarian Diet

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Healthy People

Vitamin C for Sports & Fitness

Vitamin E for Sports & Fitness

Water Therapy

Weight (Ideal)

Weight Control Supplements

Weight Loss

Weight Management Health Center

Weight Watchers Diet

Weight-Loss Diets

What Does “Organic” Mean?

What Is Health Food?

What’s for Dinner Tonight?

Wheat-Free Diet

Whey Protein for Sports & Fitness

Whey Protein for Weight Control

Which Diet Is Right for Me?

Whirlpool Baths

Wild About Nuts

Winter Wellness

Wound Healing


Yohimbe for Sports & Fitness

Zinc for Sports & Fitness

Zone Diet

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